About Us

kokedama los angeles

LA Plant Club is the Los Angeles based plant and apparel company founded in 2017 by Topacio Althaus to reimagine community in everyday life. 

I grew up in Los Angeles and was always surrounded by artists, makers and the quintessential city hustle and bustle. I got into plants in my early twenties as a way to reconnect to nature after long days at work and gridlocked drives up & down the 405. In 2017, after a trip to Canada, I stumbled across the art of kokedama plants. I went back home to LA and started making kokedamas for friends and family members, which led to a successful online business and teaching kokedama classes in my backyard. 

I fell in love with the community of people I had cultivated through my classes and decided to rebrand my business to LA Plant Club. I felt as if I had started a club or community of locals who were all passionate about getting back to nature, talking about plants and connecting to other people on all things life while getting their hands dirty. 

After about 3 years of primarily working with plants and teaching classes, I wanted to incorporate my design skills and expand my plant business. I took some time off and relaunched with apparel that plays on humor, commercialism and nature. I was keen on making a brand that was tongue in cheek, comfortable and stylish at the same time. I fell deeper in love with designing and the praxis of biophilia design with moss walls when Covid hit as a way to bring more plants into my home. I hold true to my love for bringing people together in my community and hope that with this brand, we can bring some of that warmth .... and soil to yours! :)